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Russian Circles return with epic new single Arluck

Russian Circles (Image credit: Sargent House)

Russian Circles have announced their return by releasing a new single.

It’s titled Arluck and it's the first taste of material from their new studio album Blood Year, which will launch on August 2 through Sargent House.

It’ll be the Chicago trio’s first record since 2016’s Guidance.

Mike Sullivan, Dave Turncrantz Brian Cook recorded Blood Year with Kurt Ballou and tracked the album at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio in Chicago.

A statement on Blood Year reads: “Sullivan, Turncrantz, and Cook made a conscious effort to approach the songs on Blood Year with the same organic feel of a live show. 

“In an age where rock records are often built on a computerised grid, Russian Circles chose to track the foundations of the songs together in one room as complete takes without click tracks. 

“The human pulse and unmetered energy is woven throughout Blood Year, a presence that can be felt with each bone-rattling minute.”

Russian Circles will play at Chicago’s Division Fest on May 31 and head out on tour in support of Blood Year across North America throughout September, October and November.

Russian Circles: Blood Year
1. Hunter Moon
2. Arluck
3. Milano
4. Kohokia
5. Ghost On Hight
6. Sinaia
7. Quartered

Russian Circles: Blood Year
Russian Circles will release the follow-up to 2016 Guidance in August. The Chicago trio recorded Blood Year with Kurt Ballou and features the lead single Arluck.View Deal