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Rick Wakeman, Neil Innes in Vivian Stanshall soundtrack album

Michael Livesley as Sir Henry
Michael Livesley as Sir Henry

Rick Wakeman and Neil Innes are among the guests who appear alongside comedy actor Michael Livesley on the soundtrack album for Vivian Stanshall play Sir Henry At Rawlinson End.

Livesley has been performing the show for six years to positive responses, with Stephen Fry calling him an “outrageous talent” who “embodies to perfection the spirit and brilliance of Stanshall.”

The album is to be released via RRAW Records, co-founded by Wakeman. They say: “Originally created for John Peel’s Radio 1 show in the 1970s, Sir Henry At Rawlinson End – the meandering gin-soaked saga of a crumbling English stately home and the grotesques who inhabit it headed by the heroically drunk Sir Henry – perfectly distilled and encapsulated Viv’s absurdly hilarious wordplay and songwriting, which first hit the public consciousness during the 1960s via the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band.

“The recording features Rick guesting on piano, and also Viv’s Bonzo bandmate and sometime Rutle and Monty Python member Neil Innes, plus Viv’s favourite violinist, Susie Honeyman of The Mekons.”

Vivian Stanshall’s Sir Henry At Rawlinson End arrives on April 22 and it’s available for pre-order now.

Vivian Stanshall’s Sir Henry At Rawlinson End tracklist

  1. Aunt Florrie’s Waltz
  2. Interlewd
  3. Wheelbarrow
  4. Socks
  5. The Rub
  6. Nice ‘N’ Tidy
  7. Pigs ‘Ere Purse
  8. 68 Hoodoo
  9. Smeeton
  10. Fool & Bladder
  11. Endroar
  12. The Beasht Inshide
  13. Junglebunny
  14. Aunt Florrie Remembers
  15. Rawlinsons & Maynards
  16. Papadumb