Philm rejuvinated me – Lombardo


Drummer Dave Lombardo says forming Philm in 2010 was “like a rejuvenation” after his time in Slayer.

And the sticksman says the atmosphere within the band is excellent and completely different to being with his former Slayer band members.

In an interview with Journey Of A Frontman, Lombardo says: “It felt like a rejuvenation when I first got the band together in 2010. When you’re in a band for more than 20 years, it becomes a job.

“There’s hardly any communication with band members – you rehearse with the band a couple of days before the tour, then fly back and that’s it. You see them on stage but there’s really not much to it.”

The drummer, who recently said he felt the current Slayer lineup was “missing the magic” of the original outfit, continues: “With Philm, we’re friends. We hang out and have lunch together. It’s definitely different from what I’ve experienced before.”

Philm’s second album Fire From The Evening Sun launches on September 15, while the band are already hard at work on new material. But the drummer reveals he is also working on a Disney film – and he credits Mike Patton and the Fantomas project for influencing the new recordings.

He says: “I’m scoring an 11-minute pilot. These are very short pieces and it was actually a lot of fun. I think working with Mike Patton and creating that style of music helped me understand the approach to composing for cartoons, sitcoms or movies.”

Philm will play at The Underworld Camden, London on September 7.