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Phil Anselmo: A Dimebag hologram tour “would have to be perfect”

Pantera in 1992
Pantera in 1992 (Image credit: Getty)

Phil Anselmo says that if he and the surviving members of Pantera were to ever consider going on the road with a hologram of late guitarist Dimebag Darrell, it would “have to be perfect.”

Metal Wani asked the vocalist what he thought of the Ronnie James Dio hologram tour, to which Anselmo replied he had never heard of.

Later, when asked if a similar project involving Dimebag would be something he’d consider, Anselmo replies: “You know, it would have to be right. I think everybody’s heart would have to be in the right place, and I’m talking about the guys in the band.

“It would have to be done right. There’s no way we could skimp on something like that. I mean, if we were gonna do a hologram of Dimebag, it would have to be flawless and it would have to be perfect, just like he was every fucking night, man.

“No matter how piss-ass drunk he would be, once that guitar was in his hand, he was a machine, man. So it would have to be perfect.”

Dimebag was shot dead on stage in 2004 while performing with Damageplan, featuring his brother Vinnie Paul Abbott.

Later this week, Anselmo and his band The Illegals will release their new album, titled Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue.

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