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Paul Stanley: I think Kiss album will happen


Kiss frontman Paul Stanley believes the band will record another album, despite the doubts he’s discussed in the past.

And he says he has a strong idea of what the work needs to achieve.

The subject of a follow-up to 2012’s Monster has been under discussion for some time, with Stanley saying in July that the band remained “conflicted.”

Guitarist Tommy Thayer said this month that their 2015 cartoon movie with Scooby-Doo did more for the band than another record would.

Now Stanley tells Cleveland Scene: “Records at this point are really something that, if we do, we do it for us more than anybody else.

“There really is no music industry. It’s a guy who ran Tropicana last year that may run a record company this year. It’s not a bunch of people who love music – it’s a commodity at this point.”

Monster reached No.3 in the US charts on release, while previous album Sonic Boom hit No.2, giving Kiss their highest-ever chart placing.

Stanley says the band have to find a good reason to return to the studio, adding: “Sonic Boom, there was definitely a reason to do. Monster, there was a reason to do.

“We’re toying – certainly I’m toying – with the idea of doing another album. I think it will happen.”

He continues: “The only thing I’m adamant about is that it’s not son of Sonic Boom or son of Monster, or son of any other album. It has to be something fresh, because, initially, the people we’re doing it for are us.”

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