Nordic Giants to open window on their past with new compilation abum

Nordic Giants
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Mysterious post-rock duo Nordic Giants will give fans a glimpse of their very early days with the release of Origins on June 7.

Origins is a compilation album that collects three of the band's first recordings  - the A Tree As Old As Me EP and the singles  Speed The Crows Nest and Shine, plus new song Through A Lens Darkly. You can watch a video of the new song below which combines over 25 different Nordic Giants performances ranging from 2010 all the way through to last year's Damnation Festival. 

The duo have revisited many of their original recording sessions and re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered many of the main instruments.

Origins is planned to be the first of two releases this year as the duo have plans to complete a full-length studio album to be released around September 2024, to be followed with a large tour across the UK and Europe. Both these albums will be self-funded and crowd-sourced relying on the support of their loyal followers and a helping hand from their friends over at the Nice Weather For Airstrikes label.

Origins will be a limited edition release available on vinyl, CD, USB and cassette - along with unique and limited Items such as signed test pressings, instruments and even the opportunity to mix your own version of the album alongside Nordic Giants, in the very studio it was recorded.

Origins will be available to pre-order from 8pm Friday, March 22 via Nordic Giants website.

Nordic Giants

(Image credit: Nordic Giants)

Nordic Giants: Origins

Side A
1. Together
2. Speed The Crows  Nest
3. Glass Skinned Girl Ft. Freyja 
4. Through a Lens Darkly

Side B

1. Shine Ft. Cate Ferris
2. The Seed Ft. Jake Reid
3. B.O.A.T.S Ft. Amdine
4. Dark Clouds Mean War (Rework)

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