Nicolas Godin to launch Bach-powered album


Air man Nicolas Godin will release debut solo album Contrepoint in September, powered by the music of JS Bach.

He’s released a video for his track Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde (“Stay Away From Sin”) – view it via Nowness.

Godin wanted to find new inspiration after becoming disillusioned during Air’s 2010 world tour. He explains: “Music was taking up only a small part of my daily life. I’d become ‘a travelling monkey in the concert circus.’”

He found fresh energy in the world of late Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. “The extremely personal way that Gould interpreted Bach goes against all the normal rules of performance, which for me created a new art form,” says the French artist.

“I was immediately attracted to this mysterious and inaccessible universe, which I wanted to explore.”

The album features guest appearances from Gordon Tracks, Marcelo Cemrlo, Connan Mockasin and others.

Godin notes: “Sometimes only thirty seconds of Bach’s original music is left behind. I want people to listen to Contrepoint without noticing that it’s Bach – it’s as much a tribute to all the great composers that have inspired me. Making a record about Bach leads to all composers who have listened to Bach.”

It’s released on September 11 via Because Music.

Contrepoint Tracklist

  1. Orca

  2. Widerstehe Doch Der Sunde

  3. Club Nine

  4. Clara

  5. Glenn

  6. Quei Due

  7. Bach Off

  8. Elfe Man