Napalm Death's Barney says voting Hillary is 'damage limitation'

A picture of Barney Greenway
Barney Greenway (Image credit: Getty)

Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway says a vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US Presidential elections would amount to “damage limitation.”

The singer has long been politically outspoken and he says that while Clinton is far from perfect, she represents a much better choice than the alternative – Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Admitting he would have preferred Clinton’s Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, Greenway says Clinton is now the only sensible choice for the election on November 8.

The British vocalist tells Metal Wani: “I have to say that I really liked what Bernie Sanders was about – I really did. There were so many things that he spoke about that really rang true with me and were the things that I always supported in the system over here as well.

“I think the best thing for now is if Hillary Clinton was to win. I think that’s fairly obvious. I think at this point, it’s a case of damage limitation for all of us, and I think it would be far preferable for everybody if she gets it.”

On the prospect of a Trump victory, Greenway adds: “It’s not gonna be good for anybody if he gets it. Because we have an interest in it too, because, like it or not, whatever happens in America has a domino effect elsewhere, so we all should be concerned about it.

“I just can’t take him seriously. I know he’s really offended a lot of people, but I think he’s so ludicrous in every way. And I just can’t believe that people would swallow that.

“If you are really gullible enough to swallow some of the stuff that Trump says, given the position that he’s gonna be potentially presented with a couple of months on, I just don’t understand it. From a basic human perspective, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

Greenway is the latest in a long line of musicians who have spoken out against Donald Trump.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wes Borland, Slayer’s Kerry King and REM’s Michael Stipe have all attacked Trump’s message. And this week his “friend” Dee Snider said he couldn’t support Trump’s controversial immigration policies.

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