"Why would this make a good set? Here are two reasons: Lego and Lars Ulrich." A Metallica Lego set has been entered into Lego's official ideas portal - and it needs your help to be brought to life

The four members of Metallica as lego men
(Image credit: Lego (MetalliBrick))

If you're a) a major Metallica fan and b) an avid Lego collector, this is the story for you. A Metallica lego set has officially been entered into Lego Ideas - the portal where potential Lego builds are showed off and, if enough support is garnered, sent to Lego themselves for consideration as a real life, buildable set. 

The Metallica set depicts their instantly iconic 72 Seasons tour set up, including the huge, barrell-esque screens and black and yellow colour theme. Best of all, though? It also includes James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammet and Rob Trujillo in full Lego form. Come on, don't act like you don't want these charming little yellow fellas on your bookshelf or mantlepiece.

"Like many Metallica fans the world-over, I was awestruck by the pictures and videos I was seeing online of the massive stage and towers displaying fantastic video and dazzling lights," says Lego Ideas user MetalliBrick, who designed and presented the idea. MetalliBrick is also behind other pitched Metallica lego sets including recreations of some of their albums, a Lego version of the Lady Justice statue and the band's WorldWired touring stage.

"Everything about this was a challenge!" MetalliBrick adds of building the prototype itself. "The round stage, the differing heights, and towers (or as I called them for many months: screen thingies). I decided to double down on these challenges by limiting myself to a 48x48 baseplate to make sure it didn’t become too big to be able to display.

"Why would this make a good set? Here are two reasons, LEGO and Lars Ulrich. Arguably Denmark's two most famous exports. The better question might be: How has this not happened yet? Both LEGO and Metallica fans are avid collectors, both fans come in all ages, and this is a set that everyone can enjoy.

"My hope is that when LEGO fans look at it, they appreciate that not only is this all physically built, but also my building techniques for the round stage, multiple levels of the stage, and the towers. I hope that when Metallica fans look at it, those who have already seen the concert in person are taken back to those two unforgettable nights, those who will be going in 2024 become even more excited for their concert weekend, and everyone says I WANT THIS for my collection!"

Well, let us be amongst the first to say it: we want this for our collection. If you want to support MetalliBrick's design, you can sign the petition here. The set needs 10,000 signatures to be presented to Lego themselves, so fingers crossed enough Metallica fans band together to make it happen.

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Merlin Alderslade
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