Members of The Defiled and Meta-Stasis form new band Red Method

Red Method

Red Method are premiering their new video for Split exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Featuring four members of death metallers Meta-Stasis and The AVD (Alex Avdis) from the now defunct industrialists The Defiled, Red Method are releasing their debut album For The Sick in 2019.

“I tried being a proper upstanding citizen but that shit just ain’t for me man, I realised that this is the only thing I know, I need the outlet!" Alex tells Metal Hammer. "I’d probably go around murdering people or something ridiculous like that if it wasn't for playing metal. It’s the best therapy one could hope for; Red Method definitely saved my life in many ways.

“I haven’t played live since the In This Moment US tour we did with The Defiled, so getting back on stage and letting it all out just feels cathartic – it’s been long overdue, for sure. I have had so much bottled up these past couple of years, now it’s time to let loose!”

“After a hard year and two near death experiences, all the trauma, turmoil and suffering has been chewed up and spat out to create this,” says vocalist Jeremy Gomez. 

“We’ve been working beyond the point of exhaustion and I can’t wait to spread the madness.”

Red Method 2019 tour dates

22 Mar: Plymouth, The Junction, Loz Fest
23 Mar: Weymouth, Finns
24 Mar: Bournemouth, The Anvil
20 Apr: London, The Unicorn, Deb Fest
26 Apr: Colchester, The Soundhouse
11 May: London, The Black Heart, Incineration Festival
29 Jun: Coventry, The Arches, Mosh Against Cancer
19 Jul: Gloucester, Quarry Downs, Amplified

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