McStine & Minnemann release trailer for second album

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Randy McStine and Marco Minnemann have announced a second collaborative album, mere months after they released their debut. McStine & Minemann II will be released through the pair's bandcamp page on December 4. You can watch the pair's video trailer below.

The pair only teamed up in March and released their McStine & Minemann debut album in July. You can see the artwork and tracklisting below.

"Stylistically, II locks in all of the elements explored in our debut, but significantly expands on them," the pair say. "Hard rock, art pop, thrash metal, progressive rock, folk rock, ambient, noise, punk, funk, Spaghetti Western-style film music, blues rock, Jazz/rock…

"The two of us have written, produced, and performed everything on the record, with the exception of a song called Big Wave, which was co-produced by Tim Palmer (Robert Plant, U2). Tim added additional sprinkles of guitar, keyboards, and percussion to the song, making him the only additional musician on the album."

McStine & Minemann II has been mixed and mastered by Forrester Savell.

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(Image credit: McStineMinnemann)

McStine & Minnemann: McStine & Minnemann II
1. Love Before Algorithms
2.I Don’t Need It
3. (I Don’t) Feel
4. Girls At The Gig
5. Big Wave
6. Tired
7. REM
8. Love After Algorithms
9. The Flame
10. Old Sparky
11. Hello Dear Miss Swan Song
12. dumbdumb
13. Quarantine Sex Slave
14. Distant Bodies
15. Running In Place
16. The Horse Is Dead

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