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Marzi read online he was axed by Anselmo's Illegals

Former Philip H Anselmo & The Illegals guitarist Marzi Montazeri says he found out he was no longer in the band “through the internet.”

Anselmo revealed in October that Montazeri had been replaced by Mike DeLeon and added that his intention was always to help launch Montazeri’s career and allow him to work on projects in which he is the “focal point.”

Now Montazeri says he hasn’t spoken to any of the Illegals since finding out online that he had been replaced.

He tells Do You Know Jack?: “I haven’t spoken to any of them, and I found out through the internet that I wasn’t in the band. But we’re gonna leave it at that. I wish them the best. And I’m doing my thing, and there’s no hard feelings, period. And if anything, I appreciate the fact that Philip gave me a chance so that the rest of the world could know who I am.”

Montazeri appeared on the Illegals debut album Walk Through Exits Only, released in 2013. He is currently working with his own band, Heavy As Texas.