Lacuna Coil's Heaven's A Lie gets a sock puppet makeover with lyrics adapted to pay poignant tribute to lost socks

Sock Puppet Parody covering Lacuna Coil
(Image credit: Sock Puppet Parody)

Sock Puppet Parody have recreated an alternative sock-themed version of Lacuna Coil's goth metal anthem Heaven's A Lie, lifted from the 2002 album Comalies.

For the cover, the team of sock puppeteers have readapted the lyrics to pay tribute to the socks lost in drying machines after a cycle. 'Oh no, missing again', Sock Puppet Pardoy's Reagan Buff sings, 'My other sock has washed and long gone away'.

We feel your one sock-footed pain, friend.  

In the video, the band of hosiery garments perform inside a make-shift cardboard cathedral, with stained glasses windows depicting the aforementioned, sock-swallowing machines. It's all very dramatic, but pulled off with flawless vocal talent and supreme sock-to-hand coordination. 

Underneath the parody, they write: "We're celebrating Lacuna Coil's 20th anniversary of the Comalies album with a song of our own! Check out our parody of Heaven's a Lie!".

Watch the video for Heaven's a Lie (Sock Puppet Parody) below:

Previously, Sock Puppet Parody have covered Slipknot's Wait And Bleed, Metallica's Master Of Puppets, Slayer's Raining Blood and more. 

Speaking of the latter creation, director Brady Tulk told Voyage Dallas in 2019: "The pivotal moment for Sock Puppet Parody was when we uploaded a SLAYER parody to our YouTube channel. That day we were posted by numerous metal magazines with thousands of fans leading up to the band posting our video to their Facebook. In one day, over one hundred thousand people saw our video. It was an unbelievable experience. Since then, Johnny [producer] and I have been cultivating our audience and growing the brand."

Of how the sock-puppeteering group works, he explained: "It's a YouTube series that takes iconic bands and turns them into sock puppets. Our team does not cut corners. We not only create the music from the ground up, but we strive to stay true to the last detail. We research the band thoroughly to pay a tribute to the artists and we film it with the best production value we can. We take the concept of the song and apply sock related lyrics."

Liz Scarlett

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