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Jonestown stream new album Dyatlov in full

Jonestown band

Jonestown are streaming their new album Dyatlov exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Dyatlov is the follow-up to their 2016 debut album Aokigahara, and will be released November 16.

"We wanted Dyatlov to evolve and grow from the successes of Aokigahara," the band tell Metal Hammer. "Retaining the aspects we’ve become known for, such as the consistent aggression and intensity with considered and unique lyrics/vocals, but to introduce a more refined and thought-through sound to the album; more controlled.

"By distilling 30+ tracks we feel we have come up with the next step in the evolution of our sound in Jonestown, while maintaining our cross-genre appeal"

Jonestown's new album Dyatlov is out November 16 via Long Branch Records.