John Hackett releases video teaser for new album The Piper Plays His Tune

John Hackett playing keyboards in a church
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John Hackett has released a video teaser for his upcoming solo album The Piper Plays His Tune, which he will release through Hacktrax on November 18. You can see artwork, tracklisting and watch the trailer in full below.

"After months of shrieking and wailing every time the computer crashed and those long intense lunches during lockdown when discussing the philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre with my student daughter all seemed a lot more appealing than listening to the grim news on the radio, I have finally emerged with a completely solo rock album," says Hackett. "Howard Sinclair has sent through his super artwork so now it is ready for manufacture."

The Piper Plays His Tune was recorded by Hackett as a solo album during lockdown and concentrates on more contemporary song-based material.

"I had in the can a whole bunch of songs I had written over the years that I thought were never going to make it onto an album and so would probably never see the light of day, Hackett continues. "Plus I had some new material I had started working on in early 2020 before the world was turned upside down.

"So I decided then and there that, as it was at that time impossible to record a studio album with my own band due to lockdown, I would work on a completely home-produced project where I would write, sing and play all the parts myself.

"If you pick up this album expecting to hear twenty minute epics with gargantuan solos and constant changes of time signature then please put it quietly down right now and retreat to a safe distance. There are some strong prog influences, of course. And yes, if I am honest, I still practise the music of JS Bach most days. But if in these dark times, there is a bit of space for something a little lighter then please sit back and enjoy this musical offering which promises nothing more than the vague possibility of entertaining you for a short time…"

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John Hackett

(Image credit: John Hackett)

John Hackett: The Piper Plays His Tune
1. Masters Of My Past
2. Broken
3. In Love
4. Crying Shame
5. Broken Glass
6. Julia
7. Too Late For Dreamers
8. Clown
9.Loved By You
10. There You Go Again

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