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Jan Akkerman releases new video for Don Giovani

Jan Akkerman
(Image credit: Mascot Label Group)

Jan Akkerman has released a new video for Don Giovani, his take on Mozart's famous opera, which is taken from Akkerman's forthcoming new album Close Beauty which is released through Mascot Label Group on October 25. You can watch the whole video below.

Beside it being a famous opera by Mozart, Giovanni is Jan Akkerman's first name translated to Italian, Don stands for Sir in English (Jan was knighted by the Queen of The Netherlands), thus Jan is Don Giovanni.

 “My aim is to create beauty in my music which is generally a flexible concept anyway," Akkerman tells Prog. "I like diversity and freedom and try to avoid 2nd hand blues licks, otherwise there’s too much of the same thing. With Don Giovanni, it triggered the idea that: he could make a statue cry”.