Iron Maiden, Slayer and more on tonight's Metal Hammer Radio Show


Because we're all big kids and are really excited about Halloween, tonight's show is dedicated to some of our world’s most startling musical moments from the world of cinematic horror.

With that in mind, tonight we’re bringing you spooktacular tunes from Iron Maiden, Type O Negative, Rammstein, Metallica, Slayer and Deftones.

We’ll also be spinning choice cuts from In This Moment’s debut album and a WORLD EXCLUSIVE of the new Crobot tune – Skull Of Geronimo.

And we’ll be discussing the man you love to hate – Chad Kroeger. Surprisingly he’s praised the recent campaign that aims to prevent Nickelback from ever returning to the UK. “I love it,” the Nickelback frontman said. “[The] more controversy that surrounds either myself, my personal life, the band, whatever – I think it’s hilarious. All these critics, they’re just tireless … They don’t know that they’re still responsible for us being around today.”

This obviously got us thinking… Who would you pay not to play? Wilding says Winger in any way, shape or form.

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