Intervals return with album Circadian – listen to the new single here!

Intervals leader Aaron Marshall
(Image credit: Intervals)

Intervals are to release their fourth album, Circadian, on November 13 via Protest The Hero’s label Sheet Happens. The eight-track album is their first studio release since 2017’s The Way Forward and is intended to be listened to as a singular piece, with obsessive attention paid to the flow of the record.

Lead single 5-HTP finds the band’s creative force, Aaron Marshall, exploring new sonic territory behind a massive wall of guitars, cannon-esque percussion, and a meticulous composition sure to excite the band’s longtime following while welcoming new fans into the fold. 

Of the track, he says: "I'm so excited to be on the cusp of a new release! After 2.5 years of touring, and whatever the heck this year has we are! 5-HTP is a concise introduction to the world of Circadian, and a quick taste of what this record has in store. As I was nearing the end of the writing process, I felt that the album needed an effective intro, and as a result, 5-HTP was born. I hope everyone enjoys this precursor to the journey ahead, and I can't wait to share more with everyone as we make our way towards the official drop!"

Circadian was co-produced by Marshall and fellow Torontonian, Sam Guaiana (Silverstein, Obey The Brave, Like Pacific) - marking the first time the esteemed producer had ever worked on an instrumental record. It was also the first time that most of the work on an Intervals record was done locally in Toronto. As a result, Marshall had the opportunity to be more involved in the production and mixing process than ever before.

Intervals are confirmed to play at the UK’s Radar Fest in 2021.