Ihsahn streams Pressure


Ihsahn has made his track Pressure available to stream.

It’s taken from his upcoming album Arktis, released on April 8 via Candlelight Records.

The Emperor frontman previously said of the album: “My focus for this album was to write within more traditional song structures and still give each song a strong individual identity, be that through a re-occurring melody, a chorus, sound design or the good, old guitar riff.

“I also wanted to explore this on the production side, blending organic rock sounds with more modern expressions.”

Ihsahn Arktis tracklist

  1. Disassembled
  2. Mass Darkness
  3. My Heart Is Of The North
  4. South Winds
  5. In The Vaul
  6. Until I Too Dissolve
  7. Pressure
  8. Frail
  9. Crooked Red Line
  10. Celestial Violence