Himmellegeme premiere new track Natteravn


Himmellegeme have released their new single Natteravn exclusively with Prog.

It follows the track Hjertedød which the band launched last month, with both songs taken from the Norwegian outfit’s upcoming debut album Myth Of Earth which is set to arrive on October 6 via Karisma Records.

The band tell Prog: “Natteravn is the brainchild of vocalist Aleksander Vormestrand, both lyrically and musically. Being heavily metaphorical, its meaning can be interpreted differently depending on the listener.

“But, in reality it’s actually based on a tragic accident that someone close to Aleksander experienced a few years ago.

“Leaving one wishing for things to go back to the way they were before, and not being able to live the life you had envisioned.”

Vormestrand is joined in the lineup by keyboardist Lauritz Isaksen, bassist Erik Alfredsen and drummer Thord Nordli.

Find the Myth Of Earth tracklist and cover art below.

Himmellegeme Myth Of Earth tracklist

  1. Natteravn
  2. Hjertedød
  3. Myth Of Earth
  4. Breath In The Air Like Fire
  5. Kyss mine blodige hender
  6. Fish
  7. Fallvind

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