Listen to new Himmellegeme track Hjertedød

The Myth Of Earth cover

Himmellegeme have released their new track Hjertedød exclusively with Prog.

It’s been lifted from the Norwegian outfit’s upcoming debut album Myth Of Earth which is set to arrive on October 6 via Karisma Records.

Lead guitarist Hein Alexander Olson tells Prog: “Hjertedød is one of our more upbeat tracks. We wrote this after writing one of our more melancholic and long songs – so Hjertedød is sort of an antithesis to that. We felt the need to rock out a little.

“We brought it into the studio and played around with some old synths and fuzzes and turned the song into what it is today. We set out to make a more straightforward rock song, but in the end it too had a melancholic and dreamy twist to it. It’s what we do, I guess.”

Olson is joined in the lineup by vocalist and guitarist Aleksander Vormestrand, keyboardist Lauritz Isaksen, bassist Erik Alfredsen and drummer Thord Nordli.

Find the stream of Hjertedød along with the Myth Of Earth tracklist and cover art below.

Himmellegeme Myth Of Earth tracklist

  1. Natteravn
  2. Hjertedød
  3. Myth Of Earth
  4. Breath In The Air Like Fire
  5. Kyss mine blodige hender
  6. Fish
  7. Fallvind

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