Heather Findlay offers free care packages for fans

Heather Findlay
(Image credit: Heather Findlay)

Heather Findlay is offering fans free care packages of her music and merchandise for loved ones, friends, family and essential workers during the coronavirus.

In a statement, the former Mostly Autumn singer told her fans she hadn't forgotten them while she is in lockdown with her young family, and someone buying some of her music as a 'cheer up' gift got her thinking about how to helpmothers during the current crisis.

"I have been wondering how I can help with the relief effort," Findlay says."More than staying in, more than caring for my nearest and dearest. So, when a friend bought a bunch of CD's as 'cheer you up' lockdown gifts the other day, asking me to include a personalised note with each, it got me thinking...

Many of you have told me over the years how my music has helped you through tough times and that it has the capacity to heal and uplift. I want to take the opportunity therefore, to offer you a bunch of 'CARE PACKAGE' items ABSOLUTELY FREE for you to send to friends, family, loved ones or any key workers you may know.

"You can choose from CDs, T-shirts and DVDs. All you have to do is pay for the P&P which I've kept as low as I possibly can. I've also added a range of 'PS. I LOVE YOU' items that will include a personalised handwritten note from me. Just let me know the particulars."

Findlay, who released her latest solo  album Wild White Horses in 2019 went on to discuss how the Covid-19 crisis is also impacting on her work.

"Like everyone else, I did have a fair few plans that were about to be unfurled," she adds. "Some have had to be shelved for now such as another tour for the end of the year and a video shoot we had planned for next Thursday for instance. Some though, are ticking along in the background still. They will wait.

"If you wish to support me in my ongoing plight as an independent musician, and you are in a position to do so, there's a donate button on my site now too. I hope you're all doing ok out there in your own personal cocoons. I know this time will make us stronger and more beautiful humanity than ever before. I will see you again on the other side of the rainbow..."

See Findlay's website for more details.

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