Get Addicted to Amaranthe


Swedish metal outfit Amaranthe have revealed details of a new album.

The band will release Massive Addictive on Monday, October 20. Known for fusing metal with elements of dance music, the band’s last album was 2013’s The Nexus.

Guitarist Olof Morck says: “We have lived and breathed this album every hour and every day the last year, and to know that this music is about to reach everyone’s ears is beyond exciting.

“Following the first leg of The Nexus world tour, we sat down and agreed that we wanted the next album to be really fresh, new and even to raise a few eyebrows, all while retaining our signature sound.

“Massive Addictive is in every way that huge leap forward we wanted to achieve and the album definitely contain our strongest songwriting to date.”

Massive Addictive tracklist

  1. Dynamite 2. Drop Dead Cynical 3. Trinity 4. Massive Addictive 5. Digital World 6. True 7. Unreal 8. Over and Done 9. Danger Zone 10. Skyline 11. An Ordinary Abnormality 12. Exhale