Former Megadeth men 'liberated' on debut album

Former Megadeth men Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick have confirmed the addition of Scar The Martyr’s Henry Derek Bonner to their band.

And drummer Drover reports the as-yet unnamed outfit have completed writing their debut album, describing it as a “liberating” experience.

He and guitarist Broderick announced their departures from Megadeth last month within hours of each other. They later announced they were working with an “awesome” singer and rumours suggested Bonner was involved.

Now Drover says: “At this point I can reveal that Chris and myself have the music for our debut record written. Henry Bonner is our singer, who has sung on six songs in demo form at this point. It’s all sounding 100% heavy metal.”

He says of the material: “Some of the songs are very aggressive and fast, others are more accessible to the average heavy metal listener.

“Chris, Henry and myself are fans of all kinds of heavy music. We’re not putting any parameters on what we’re creating here – which is very liberating, I must say.”

Bonner announced his exit from Scar The Martyr in April, saying his decision was “due to personal differences, artistic direction, business decisions, etc.”; the band are currently searching for a new singer to fill the vacant spot left by his departure.

Meanwhile, Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine has hinted that the group’s lineup is being rebuilt as they prepare to begin work on their 15th album in the new year.