Electric Wizard cast clip for Sadiowitch


Electric Wizard have released a video for their track Sadiowitch, taken from upcoming eighth album Time To Die.

It’s set for release on September 29 via Spinefarm. Frontman Jus Oborn recently said the work was inspired by his experience of the underground dark metal movement in the 1980s. He reported: “It was heavy shit for real; there was no way you were ever going to get a decent job. So I became a Satanist – I dug up a grave, I got into tape-trading.

“I had a one-man band called Regurgitated Guts, and there were loads of documentaries on TV warning us not to listen to the devil’s music.”

The follow-up to 2010’s Black Masses was first promoted with the launch of an 11-minute video for lead track I Am Nothing.


  1. Incense for the Damned

  2. Time To Die

  3. I Am Nothing

  4. Destroy Those Who Love God

  5. Funeral Of Your Mind

  6. We Love The Dead

  7. SadioWitch

  8. Lucifer’s Slave

  9. Saturn Dethroned