Dokken confirm reunion shows in Japan - but rule out US and Europe

Don Dokken
Temporary move: Don Dokken
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The anticipated Dokken reunion will take place in Japan, frontman Don Dokken has confirmed – but he says he’s refusing every offer to perform in the US and Europe.

The run of gigs, which are yet to be listed, take place in October, featuring guitarist George Lynch, bassist Jeff Pilson and drummer Mick Brown, who last month said plans were underway. A live DVD is to be recorded for a later release.

Describing it as a “temporary reunion,” Dokken tells The Classic Metal Show: “Years ago I made a comment offhandedly, like, ‘I’ll do it for this amount of money.’ It was like a one and a lot of zeroes.

“That was my price. Everybody said, ‘You’re crazy,’ I said, ‘Well, that’s my price.’

“Now, 15 years later, somebody came up with that price. So I approached George and Jeff and I said, ‘You guys want to make a shitload of money for about one week of work?’

“Basically they could make more in one week than they’d probably make in several years, so everybody said, ‘Okay.’”

Dokken reports that the Japan tour includes an appearance at Loud Park, co-headlining with the Scorpions. But he’s already rejected invitations from European festival including Wacken and Sweden Rock.

“I feel bad for my agents,” says the singer. “They’re getting bombarded from these offers for us to play big festivals all over the world. But I’m just not interested. I’m sorry – I’m just not.

“Jeff’s busy. He plays like crazy in Foreigner. George is out playing the bars with Lynch Mob. So everybody’s busy. We’re doing this tour for a lot of money, but I’m doing it to put an exclamation point on a very temporary reunion.”

He adds that the current Dokken lineup – featuring classic-era drummer Mick Brown along with guitarist Jon Levin and basssist Chirs McCarvil – will continue.

“I’m so happy with Jon and Chris,” he says. “There’s no drama. The last thing I need is drama. I’m hopeful everything goes smoothly in Japan, but I’m ready for something.”

Last year Dokken appeared to rule out any chance of a reunion, despite Lynch saying talks had taken place with Pilson.

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