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Dimebag Gasoline video surfaces after 15 years

Previously unseen footage of Dimebag Darrell performing with Gasoline has been released.

The video shows the band – which also features Pantera bassist Rex Brown and drummer Vinnie Paul – playing a New Year’s Eve show in Dallas, Texas in 2001.

Uploaded to YouTube by fan Chris Stiles, the 47-minute set includes cover versions of Led Zeppelin and Metallica songs, as well as six original tracks.

The Gasoline lineup on the night was completed by vocalist Thurber T Mingus and bassist Sean Time.

Stiles says: “Dimebag was very cool to hang with and loved having fun with his friends and fans. I was a young 18-year-old that was just happy to be accepted around him.

“I messaged the family many times about having this included in anything they officially released and never got any emails back so I’ll go ahead and post it here for everyone to see.

I don’t think it’s right to just hold on to it without letting others see what it’s like to be around him.”

Dimebag Darrell Abbott was shot and killed by Nathan Gale during a Damegeplan concert in Columbus, Ohio in 2004. TeamRock Radio broadcast a tribute to Dimebag on the 10th anniversary of his death last month. It can be streamed here on demand.

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