Dikajee launches Kickstarter for new album The Frame

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Former Russian-based musician Dikajee has announced a Kickstarter campaign for her second album, The Frame. With the album nearing completion, Dikajee hopes to release the finished product in November.

The Frame will be the follow-up to Dikajee's debut album Forget~Me~Nots which was released in August 2021 to much acclaim. For her new album the artist has worked with the likes of former Jethro Tull bassist Jonathan Noyce, Silent Skies keyboardist Vikram Shankar, Klone guitarist Guillame Bernard, Aisles singer German Vergara and more.

"The Frame is a musical and visual album that I've been working on for the past year, the first year after the passing of my father," says Dikajee. "Since that loss I've been working very hard every day, switching between my day job as a vocal coach and video creator, rehearsals and working in the studio. I decided to turn something very sad into something beautiful. This album is about grieving but it's also about embracing this world as it is and clinging to hope.

"Right now the album is 70% recorded and we're just a few steps away from releasing it. All we need right now are a couple of additional studio sessions and we're ready to mix and master. I've put so much heart and soul into this album that I must say, as shy as I am, it's my best work as a songwriter and video creator. By supporting this campaign you'll be able to get exclusive merch for this campaign; CDs, t-shirts, my original watercolour paintings and for the first time ever, vinyl.

"I'm an independent musician. I do my best and give all I have and do my best to create music and visuals that sound and look like I'm backed by a label or a sponsor, but I'm not. The only backing I have, the only support I can rely on is yours, people who care about music and believe in beauty. I believe together we can create something beautiful."

You can see the artwork for The Frame below and you can donate to Dikajee's Kickstarter campaign here.


(Image credit: Dikajee)
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