Klone guitarist Guillame Bernard chooses his favourite Riverside songs

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Polish prog rockers Riverside and atmospheric French proggers Klone hit the UK and Ireland later this month for much anticipated live dates, which will be the biggest tour undertaken by either band on these shores.

Riverside are touring in support of last year's ID.Entity album, while support band Klone, who released Meanwhile back in 2022, will be performing a special unplugged performance at the gigs.

"We are really happy to share the stage with Riverside on this UK/Ireland tour," adds Klone vocalist Guillaume Bernard. "We are very excited to play in great venues, like the amazing Koko in London, where we played 12 years ago with Gojira. This time we will play 'unplugged' versions of our songs, but be sure that it will sound huge and heavy!"

So we thought it would be fin to ask Bernard to choose his ten favourite songs by his soon-to-be touring partners, and this is what he came up with. 

You can see all the tour dates and ticket. details at the end of the list.

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Friend Or Foe (from ID.Entity, 2023)

This is a track that has a 80s vibe to it and very different from other songs. During our shows together we noticed that this has become a fan favourite. As an artist I can image how great it feels to write a new/different kind of song and getting that kind of fan response immediately.

Big Tech Brother (from ID.Entity, 2023)

During our shows in Mexico together with Riverside, this song has proven to be a killer song in the live set. Especially during the majestic ending section, the riff turns into a hypnotic musical experience. 

We Got Used To Us (from Shrine Of New Generation Slaves, 2013)

This is a ballad that ticks all the boxes that a ballad should be. Beautiful melody, touching lyrics. The lyrics are turning the song into a beautiful melancholic (/sad) story. The piano work is great in this song as well.

Deprived (from Shrine Of New Generation Slaves, 2013

A very melancholic song with is appealing to me because of the nice guitar chords/melodies. There are also several key changes. So the different sections flow organically into each other. The ending section with saxophone solo is very cool.

Egoist Hedonist (from ADHD, 2010 

Being one of the heavier songs, I love the energy of the song. Also very cool how the song has a lot of diversity but it never feels fragmented. Heavy sections flow naturally into funky moments, with even brass sections and some ambient parts.  A great rollercoaster.

Lost (from Love, Fear and the Time Machine, 2015)

This song has very addictive catchiness to it and shows a sort of folky side to the band’s music. A good song for the crowd as well to sing along with. A real crowd pleaser with a great positive vibe.

Time Travellers (from Love, Fear And The Time Machine, 2015)

This song with its acoustic vibe speaks out to me because it has parts that could be part of a Klone acoustic set. Also the lyrics, about longing to go back in time, are very recognisable. 

Second Life Syndrome (from Second Life Syndrome, 2005)

Diving into the history of the band, I noticed that people see this as one of the iconic tracks from the early years of Riverside. I totally get why people see this track in this way.

02 Panic Room (from Rapid Eye Movement, 2007)

This is also a crowd favourite and one of the highlights during a show so that is why I also connected with this. It features a great riff and the chorus has a real hook. 

Rainbow Trip (2016 mix) (from Eye Of The Soundscape, 2017)

This album shows a more ambient and electronic side. I can very much relate to that approach and could have chosen several songs from this album. A great moody trip.

Riverside/Klone UK and Ireland tour dates

May 12: Norwich Epic Studios
May 13: Birmingham 02 Institute 1
May 15: Belfast Limelight 1
May 16: Dublin Academy
May 18: Glasgow The Old Fruit Market
May 19: London Koko May 20: Bristol SWX
May 21: Manchester 02 Ritz

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