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Dave Mustaine denies Kiko Loureiro is out of Megadeth

Kiko Louriero
Not out: Kiko Loureiro (Image credit: Getty)

Dave Mustaine has slammed a rumour that new Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro is already out of the band.

He joined the thrash icons last year, following the departure of Chris Broderick in 2014, and after a failed attempt to bring back classic-era axeman Marty Friedman.

The band’s Wikipedia entry yesterday listed Friedman as a current member, although it’s been updated since then.

Mustaine tweets: “Kiko is 100% in Megadeth. The sites and sources that said he is leaving are unreliable and should not be trusted at all.

“I did not fire Kiko. I love the man. He is in Finland with his wife having his twin babies.”

He adds: “I love Marty too – but I have never been happier since I met Kiko.”

Friedman recently explained why he’d decided against a return to Mustaine’s outfit, saying: “I think anyone that has something as good as Rust In Peace in their history doesn’t want to revisit it, unless you’re going to top it.

“I didn’t see any reason to mess with that. I didn’t see a reunion being what it could be and what the fans deserved.”

Loureiro yesterday posted a picture of himself with his newborn children. Megadeth launched 15th album Dystopia – featuring Loureiro and Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler – in January.

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