Unbeatable Cyber Monday $2.99 Disney+ and Hulu deal: 6 music films and shows that justify signing up

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The Cyber Monday weekend might be coming to an end but deals are still coming in thick and fast. From vinyl offers to headphones and speakers, we've found them all - just head over to our Cyber Monday music deals page and shop, shop, shop!

For example, Hulu is currently offering this exclusive deal: sign up to the streaming service (with ads) for 99¢ per month for a year and add on Disney+ (with ads) for just $2 more! And if you're not sure if its worth it, here's a list of six things to watch on Hulu and Disney that'll make you forget about that small fee.

From binge-worthy series to new films, here's what you should be watching right now.

Get both Hulu and Disney+ deal: 99¢/mo + $2/mo add on

Get both Hulu and Disney+ deal: 99¢/mo + $2/mo add on
Sign up to Hulu today for just 99¢ per month for a year (with ads), and get Disney (with ads) for just $2 more per month. The regular monthly price will run after that, but that's 12 full months to watch all the shows you love with huge money off! Sign up now for a limited time only while this Black Friday offer lasts.


A spin-off from the much-loved Mandalorian series, Ahsoka carries on from where the Star Wars Rebels animated (2014–2018) series left off, and follows the story of Anakin Skywalker's former Jedi apprentice Ahsoka Tano as she attempts to put a stop to an emerging threat to the galaxy following the fall of the Empire. For lovers of the prequel Star Wars films, there's even appearances from Hayden Christensen (Anakin), making for a nostalgia-packed watch. Having met some great reviews, Ahsoka stands as one of the more successful Star Wars spin-offs to date.


Loki Season 2
It's been over two years since the first season hit Disney's streaming service, and during that time, we've seriously been missing the time-warped, crazy adventures of the series that stars Marvel's own Nordic God of mischief Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston. Now that the second instalment is finally here, we can promise that its just as binge-able as the first, with plenty of laughs, surprises and mind-bending fun to dive into, as Loki navigates his way through the multiverse alongside the mysterious Time Variance Authority (TVA).


American Horror Story
Kim Kardashian starring in the latest season of American Horror Story definitely was not on our 2023 bingo card, but here we are. Now in its 12th season, the weird, whimsical and often terrifying show is making waves with its big-name cast, with the return of Emma Roberts - who plays New York City-based actress Anna Victoria Alcott - carrying much of the central plot alongside Kardashian, starring as Anna's devoted publicist and best friend. Based off of the book Delicate Condition by Danielle Valentine, it captures the story of Anna, a woman desperate to have a baby who starts to believe that her attempts to start a family are being sabotaged. Sinister and strange, don't let the star-power of this latest season put you off, there's more than enough spooks to get your hairs standing on end.


The Bear
Ever since The Bear's first season arrived in 2022, people have been talking non-stop about this culinary drama show, its popularity driven largely by word-of-mouth. With it's second series airing this year to widespread critical acclaim, it became an instant fan-favourite, celebrated for its attention-grabbing storylines and top tier acting. For those unfamiliar with the show, it follows the life of a young talented chef, Carmen "Carmy" Berzatto, who takes on his family's Italian beef sandwich shop after the death his older brother. Having previously worked at a Michelin star restaurant, Carmy is out-of-place in the shop's unruly, disorganised environment, and is forced to try get the eatery, alongside its bad-tempered staff, working more in line with his high culinary standards, all while grappling with his own family trauma. Dark, poignant and intense. 


What We Do In The Shadows
If you haven't seen this series, you've definitely been missing out. But fear not, its five seasons are ready and waiting for you to sink your teeth into. A spin-off from 2014's dark comedy film of the same name, the series takes form as a long-running documentary about a household of peculiar, horny vampires who's ancient personalities leave them unknowingly displaced in the modern world. The film-crew follow the three vampires - and one human familiar - through their domestic everyday vampiric lives in Staten Island, from going out nightclubbing while drunk on boozy blood to planning orgies in their mansion. It's similar in style to The Office, but with more killing, sexual shenanigans and off-kilter comedy.


This striking, animated film is an all-out visual feast with an important underlying message, based in a world where the elements (fire, water, earth, air) are anthropomorphic humanoid creatures with discriminatory values against beings belonging to a different force of nature than them. The central plot centres around the headstrong fire element Ember Lumen and the tearful water element Wade Ripple, as they work together to make sure Ember's father's shop doesn't go out of business following the negative report of a city inspector, while battling against their own prejudices.

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