Crack The Sky stream remastered version of The Box

Crack The Sky
(Image credit: Crack The Sky)

US prog rock sextet Crack The Sky have streamed a re mastered version of The Box which you can listen to below. It's taken from a new deep cuts collection of material, Between The Cracks, which will be released digitally on July 2 via Carry On Museic.

The 12 tracks were personally selected by all current band members as their top choices for the ones that got away from the albums they released between 1983-2015.

"There’s a lot of electronics on that one — a lot of electronics," says singer John. Palumbo of the song which originally featured in the band's 2012 album The Ostrich. "That was a fun one to do. And there’s a lot of noise on it too.

The Box is one of my personal faves," adds guitarist Rick Witkowski. "There’s kind of an “electronic playground” that’s happening there in the beginning. It’s almost like a carousel because all this stuff is flying around, and then it centres up to him being in the box. And I love Dave [DeMarco’s] bass part on there, because it really drives the song."

Palumbo approved the digital transfers and/or remasters of every one of these reclaimed tracks while Witkowski transferred and/or remastered each track digitally for inclusion in the band’s 15-album digital reissue series in 2020.

“We hope this collection will turn people onto some of the older stuff of ours they maybe haven’t heard before,”adds Palumbo. “And then, once they get into all of these songs, they can switch over to listening to our new stuff, and pick up with what’s going on with us now.”

Crack The Sky released their most recent album Tribes at beginning of this year. John Palumbo will release a solo album, Hollywood BLVD, on May 21.

Crack The Sky will perform a very special acoustic concert at the Baltimore Soundstage in Baltimore, MD on August 21 at 7pm ET. 

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