Code Orange And Of Mice & Men in Twitter spat

Code Orange arrive at last weekend's Grammys in New York
Code Orange arrive at last weekend's Grammys in New York
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Code Orange and Of Mice & Men guitarist Alan Ashby have been involved in a Twitter spat over recent days.

It started when Ashby flagged up Code Orange missing out on a Grammy at last weekend’s awards show in New York, saying: “If Code Orange should’ve won a Grammy then Norma Jean should’ve won a grammy back in the day?”

Code Orange then told Ashby to “eat shit” before the guitarist attempted to explain why he made the comment.

Responding to a fan who called the tweet “uncalled for” he said: “Once while watching them sidestage, their bass player threw his bass then screamed at Phil Manansala to get him a new one. Hahaha. I gotta stick up for my dude! That was wack!”

Manansala then backed up Ashby’s tweet, to which Code Orange replied “Keep talkin.”

Later, Ashby tweeted that he hadn’t intended his original comment to be disrespectful to Code Orange or Norma Jean, adding: “I’m sorry to them and all their fans. Stop tweeting me now thanks.”

Attempting to restore peace between the camps, Sumerian Records boss Ash Avildsen got involved saying: “Norma Jean’s Bless The Martyr And Kiss The Child is one of the greatest heavy records to utilise dissonant chords with metal/hardcore riffs – and Code Orange does it in an awesome way on their album Forever.

“Not sure Alan’s intention with his comment but I do know there’s way too much segregation in heavy music.”

Code Orange had been shortlisted in the Best Metal Performance category for Forever, which was won by Mastodon’s Sultan’s Curse.