Clive Nolan writing 2 musicals


Clive Nolan has revealed details of the two musicals he’ll write this year.

He’s aiming to completed work on the provisionally-titled Dark Fables and King’s Ransom in the coming months – although he admits it’s a “mammoth undertaking.”

Nolan says: “Dark Fables will be a modern tale based around music I have written over the last 25 years. My original concept will be developed by director Ian Baldwin, whose exceptional creative talent will ensure a tantalising story.”

The show will be set up for a band plus five singers, and it’s designed to be taken on tour, including interactive video elements recorded by special guests.

He adds of King’s Ransom: “It will be set in the Alchemy universe. It will feature Professor King, Eva and William, alongside new characters. The story takes place two years after the events of Alchemy and explores the underworld of Victorian London with a dose of romance, intrigue and adventure.”

His plot is complete and half of the music has been written, leading Nolan to say: “I can already see the makings of a thrilling new show!”

The Arena and Pendragon keyboardist – who performed three musicals in two days in September – recently underwent successful emergency eye surgery.