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Pendragon bare their Soul

Pendragon have streamed their track Beautiful Soul from upcoming album Men Who Climb Mountains.

It’s to be released on October 6 as a double-disc album including a live show by mainman Nick Barrett. It’s their first recorded work with drummer Craig Blundell, who replaced Nick Higham earlier this year.

Describing the music as “very melodic,” Barrett recently said of the storyline: “Sometimes I get asked to write a detailed description of what all the songs are about. It takes about two hours. This time I thought, ‘Sod it – what it’s all about is in the lyrics! Leave it to people to find their own dimension in it; it’s much more fun.”

The follow-up to 2011’s Passion is available for pre-order now. Pendragon play three shows as part of a European tour:

Nov 06: Glasgow Ferry

Nov 07: St Helens Citadel

Nov 08: London 229 The Venue


Disc 1: Men Who Climb Mountains

  1. Belle Ame

  2. Beautiful Soul

  3. Come Home Jack

  4. In Bardo

  5. Faces Of Light

  6. Faces Of Darkness

  7. For When The Zombies Come

  8. Explorers Of The Infinite

  9. Netherworld

Disc 2: Nick Barrett acoustic house concert – Live at Twig’s

  1. The Voyager

  2. A Man Of Nomadic Traits

  3. This Green And Pleasant Land

  4. Nostradamus

  5. Paintbox

  6. King Of The Castle

  7. Indigo

  8. The Freakshow

  9. Masters Of Illusion

  10. Space Cadet

  11. The Edge Of The World

  12. It’s Only Me