Clive Nolan given 'all clear' after eye surgery


Clive Nolan says he’s been given the ‘all clear so far’ on his eye condition.

The Arena and Pendragon man had to undergo emergency eye surgery in October after suffering a detached retina and faced a nervous wait to see whether the procedure had been a success.

Now he reports he’s on the mend, although there’s a small chance of further problems.

He says: I’m free! Well, free of the gas bubble in my eye and I’ve been given the ‘all clear so far.’ It means I can finally remove this green wrist band I’ve worn for eight weeks as a harsh reminder of the condition of my eye.

“This vision is still blurred in the right eye, but it’s improving. Sadly there’s always the threat of re-occurrence, but to all intents and purposes I am now allowed to get back to normal.”

Nolan adds that he plans to rest for the remainder of 2015 ahead of a busy year for Pendragon and Arena.

He says: “Thanks again to all you wonderful well wishers, I truly felt the good vibes coming my way.”

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