Claudio Simonetti's Goblin announce Dawn Of The Dead 40th anniversary shows


Cult horror soundtrack composer Claudio Simonetti has announced that his band Goblin will be performing two of their best-known scores live this summer. 

Best known for their work on George A Romero's Dawn Of The Dead and Dario Argento's Suspiria, the band will perform the scores live alongside screenings of both films at six dates in England and Scotland this summer, to mark their 40th anniversaries.

Simonetti told Prog Magazine of his work on Suspiria in 2015: “I love what we came up with for this movie, I think it proves how important music is to a horror film. Or, to any film, actually. Would it have the same impact if you took the music out? I saw scenes before we added the music, and they weren’t as scary. 

"I’m not boasting, but… well, every time we play the main theme from this live it gets a huge reaction. Because people associate it with the visuals they see on screen.”

Find full dates below. Tickets are available now.

Goblin summer tour dates

Aug 5: SUSPIRIA (5:30pm) – Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK
Aug 5: DAWN OF THE DEAD (8:20pm) – Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK
Aug 6: DAWN OF THE DEAD (5:30pm) – Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK
Aug 6: SUSPIRIA (8:50pm) – Summerhall, Edinburgh, UK
Aug 17: SUSPIRIA – Union Chapel, London, UK
Aug 18: DAWN OF THE DEAD – Union Chapel, London, UK