Benante to rejoin Anthrax for UK shows


Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante aims to rejoin the band’s European tour in time for their UK shows with Slayer next month.

And he’s confirmed that his latest absence is down to continuing problems with his hand, which underwent surgery in 2013.

Jon Dette is once again acting as substitute while the thrash icons tour Europe.

Benante says: “Jon is sitting in for the first three weeks or so. I’m planning to join on November 21 in the UK, and I’ll be on the remainder of the tour.

“Most of you know I had to have surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Since then, while my hand has got a lot better, it just hasn’t fully healed.

“When we were recording our new album I realised that after three or four weeks straight, not only would my hand start hurting like hell, but I’d lose all feeling for a couple of days.

“On the road I seem to be okay for a couple of weeks, but after that the pain sets in, my hand goes numb and I simply cannot play.”

He reports that his doctor believes full recovery is possible in due course, and adds: “I love being on the road, playing our music live for you guys and I’m very excited about playing our new songs for you in 2016.

“But, at least at this point, for those four, five, six or seven week tours, I just won’t be able to be on all dates.”

Anthrax’s 11th album arrives early next year and they’ve headed up the release with lead track Evil Twin. Their European tour continues.

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