Captain Beefheart guitarist Jeff Cotton to release debut solo album

Jim Cotton
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Former Captain Beefheart guitarist Jeff Cotton has announced that he will release his very first solo album The Fantasy of Reality through Madfish records on August 12.

Cotton performed for Beefheart under the pseudonym Antennae Jimmy Semens on Beefheart's seminal 1969 album Trout Mask Replica, and under his own name on 1968's Strictly Personal and 1971's Mirror Man, which had been recorded in 1967. Cotton left Beefheart's band in 1970, after he was attacked by drummer Jeff Bruschell. He hooked up with Merrell Fankhauser in MU, releasing a self-titled debut album in 1971, before retiring from the music business to work in a Christian Ministry in 1975.

Now a resident in Hawaii, Cotton's debut solo album is described as "a psychedelic journey that will delight Beefheart devotees while bringing plenty of new ideas to the table". Trout Mask Replica cover designer Cal Schenkel has contributed to the internal artwork of the album.

Pre-order The Fantasy of Reality.

Jim Cotton

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Jim Cotton: The Fantasy of Reality 
1. Does It Work For You  
2. It Never Ceases To Blow My Mind  
3. Ivy  
4. Green Bamboo  
5. He Made The Eagle 
6. Elvirus  
7. This Gentle Earth  
8. All Things New  
9. Crusin` Hamakua  
10. Together We Sail  
11. The Space Between Us All      
12. On The Thread  
13. Aloha  
14. The Liberation Song  
15. The Breeze Of Oblivion  
16. Heavy  
17. The Season Of The Awakening 
18. Mother Earth Needs Healing  
19. Together  
20. Hear The Word  
21. It Would Take An Angel  
22. Clean In Nature`s Stream 

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