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Bruit ≤ release vibrant live video for Industry

(Image credit: Mathilde Cartoux)

French post-rockers Bruit ≤ have released a new live video for Industry, which you can watch below. It comes as the band's new label Pelagic Records, with whom they recently signed, have announced that they will reissue the band's debut album The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again on CD and vinyl on April 22.

The band, who combine post-rock with neoclassical and ambient electronica, were originally signed to Elusive Sound who released their first EP titled Monolith in 2018, and the band's debut full-length album in April last year.

"We don’t consider this album to be a compilation of separate tracks but more like a poetic interlude where every moment introduces the next," the band said of the album when it was released last year. "The listener will only sporadically be guided towards a theme or a voice and will instead find meaning by surrendering to the intangible atmospheres that allow the listener to create their own narratives.

"We prefer long formats because we consider that our modern society disconnects us from our biological and natural rhythm. We think that music should be a medium of re-appropriation of our given time. We have decided not to diffuse our music on corporate streaming platforms, because we believe they contradict the philosophical and political ideals we defend."

Bruit ≤ is pronounced as \'brü-ē\ and translates as noise in French.

Pre-order The Machine Is Burning And Now Everyone Knows It Could Happen Again.

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(Image credit: Pelagic Records)
Jerry Ewing
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