Black Dahlia music made better by weed says Strnad


The Black Dahlia Murder frontman Trevor Strnad says getting high enhances his appreciation of music.

They’re set to release seventh album Abysmal on September 18 via Metal Blade Records – and they’ve issued a stream for the track Threat Level No.3, available below.

Strnad tells High Times: “I spend most of my time surrounding myself with music, and there’s no better way for it to take hold of you than to be high.

“It just seems like whatever the band at hand was intending, it just gets to you. Nothing they are attempting gets by your heightened sensitivity to it. You hear what they meant, exactly. It helps you see the message and appreciate the bigger picture.”

The band pay special attention to their album covers, as they want stoners to appreciate the relationship between the artwork and the music.

Strnad continues: “When an album has tremendous artwork and a tremendous sound to match, it becomes much bigger than the sum of its parts. I truly believe there is a magic there – that the synergy can help it become a full on transcendental experience.

“The music should take you into that artwork, and the artwork should bring a pleasant association with memories of the music.

“I see it all through the eyes of both a fan and a stoner, and I imagine how it will be judged by the scrutinising eye of the stoned.”

The Black Dahlia Murder released Vlad, Son Of The Dragon in June and will head out on tour next month across North America.

Abysmal tracklist

01. Receipt 02. Vlad, Son Of The Dragon 03. Abysmal 04. Re-faced 05. Threat Level Number Three 06. The Fog 07. Stygiophobic 08. Asylum 09. The Advent 10. That Cannot Die Which Eternally Is Dead