Big Big Train trail Stone & Steel


Big Big Train have released a trailer for their documentary movie Stone & Steel.

The production is based around nine songs recorded at rehearsals in 2014, along with four shot during performances last year.

They explain in the clip: “In August 2014, Big Big Train gathered at Real World Studios in England for a week of rehearsals, to see if gigging after a 17-year absence form the stage was feasible.

“They were accompanied by a film crew. Stone & Steel tells the story of the band’s transition from the studio back to the stage.”

The film will be released on Blu-ray and as an HD download on March 14, via the band’s English Electric Recordings label. It’s available for pre-order now.


Setting Up
The First Rebreather
Master James Of St George
Organ Failure
Judas Unrepentant
Brass & Brunel
The Underfall Yard
Lacewings & Ladybirds
Uncle Jack
Wind Distorted Pioneers
Guitar Talk
Victorian Brickwork
Summoned By Bells
Summing Up
Curator Of Butterflies
Victorian Brickwork
East Coast Racer


Wassail Drum Session
Master James Drum Cam
Rikard’s Real World