Austin Carlile faces up to three months of spinal treatment

Austin Carlile
Austin Carlile

Former Of Mice & Men frontman Austin Carlile has checked in with an update on his health.

Carlile, who suffers from Marfans Syndrome, announced his departure from the band at the end of last year. And he reports that he now faces up to three months of spinal treatment to repair his ligaments.

He says on Instragram: “Recently started another – hopefully final – spinal treatment in Costa Rica. This procedure is once a week for two to three months.

“Each week a series of 12 to 24 shot injections into my spinal chord, muscle and ligaments from my legs, up to hips, then, low and middle back, to repair all my ligaments in the area.

“My team recently discovered that the ligaments in my body are deteriorating faster than expected and this has been a root of some of my problems and a lot of my pain. So I’m taking this next Marfans treatment head on!”

He continues: “Will be a rough few weeks ahead but I have faith! God give me strength and lets go! I will be overcoming and recovering from this before seeing some of you this summer!

“Living with Marfans is tough, but we are stronger. I love you guys – and thank you for the support as always and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reach out to you all lately. Excited to share more about this summer though!”

In February, Carlile reported his health wasn’t the only reason for leaving Of Mice & Men, saying his former bandmates “weren’t going to let me write what I wanted on next record.”

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