Amoral issue Rude Awakening video

Amoral have released a video for their track Rude Awakening.

It features on the Finnish band’s seventh album In Sequence, just-released via Imperial Cassette.

The follow-up to 2014’s Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows sees the return of original singer Niko Kalliojarvi, who will handle extra guitar duties and growling vocals alongside his replacement, Ari Koivunen.

Guitarist Ben Varon says: “We went into making the seventh album with an Yngwie Malmsteen state of mind – more is more. Once we got our original singer Niko Kalliojarvi back in the band – expanding the group into a six-headed monster, with two vocalists and three guitar players – it was time to start the writing process, which was one of the most inspiring ones for me so far. More guitar parts, more keyboards, more back and forth between clean and growling vocals.”

Varon sees the project as the next natural step in Amoral’s sonic evolution.

He explains: “To me, In Sequence is the logical follow-up to Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows, on which we took our love for grandieuse prog to new hights. In Sequence continues on that path, though the return of Niko gives the new material some of that old school Amoral vibe.

“And I think this one turned out a touch heavier as well, not least because of the real-life based concept of the album.”

Beyond the new six-member lineup, In Sequence features contributions from several guests, including percussionist Teho Majamäki, Indica singer Jonsu and ACYL’s Amine Benotmane.


  1. In Sequence (Prologue)
  2. Rude Awakening
  3. The Betrayal
  4. Sounds Of Home
  5. The Next One To Go
  6. Helping Hands
  7. Defuse The Past
  8. From The Beginning (The Note Part 2)