All Shall Perish return with Eddie Hermida


All Shall Perish have fought their way back from legal difficulties and they’ll record a new album with Eddie Hermida, they’ve confirmed.

He bowed out in 2013 when he took over from the late Mitch Lucker in Suicide Silence. But he’s now set to work with both bands in the future.

All Shall Perish also features co-founders Matt Kukendall, Ben Orum and Caysen Russo, plus Chris Storey – but bassist Mike Tiner will not return as a result of the courtroom dramas.

A statement says: “The deathcore titans, hailed by fellow Bay Area dwellers like Kirk Hammett and Robb Flynn, are making new music.

“Hermida will continue in his role as full-time vocalist for Suicide Silence. Original vocalist Craig Betit also plans to contribute.

“Nearing the conclusion of a legal arbitration over control of the band’s name, unpaid royalties, and other assets, Mike Tiner declined a personal invitation from Kuykendall to rejoin his ex-bandmates.”

While no details of the follow-up to 2011’s This Is Where It Ends have been revealed, a previous online hint suggests that the album, or at least a song, could be titled The Rotting King.

The statement continues: “Hermida, Storey, Kuykendall, Orum, Russo, and Betit now look forward to putting their music in front of the court of public opinion: the fans, ensuring the legacy of All Shall Perish remains secure.”