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The 10 Most Popular Stories On Hammer Last Week

If you’re in the UK and were anywhere near a TV this week, you’ll no doubt have been bombarded by that bloody John Lewis Christmas advert. Luckily, we’ve been keeping our eye on actual news and events with the appointment of a new Avenged drummer and the 30 year anniversary of Sepultura. Here’s what you guys wanted to read last week…

A7X add drummer Brooks Wackerman

Ten Things You Need To Know About Avenged Sevenfold's New Drummer

Celebrating 30 years of Sepultura

What happens when goths grow up?

Who are Ladybaby and what do they want?

Slayer: how they became the most shocking band in music

BBC launch poll to find greatest band t-shirt

Tool dress up as Led Zeppelin for Halloween and cover No Quarter

Killswitch 7 is ‘record of my career’ says Leach

Metallica reveal studio action