The 10 Most Popular Stories On Hammer Last Week


Last week was dominated by Back To The Future, which in our eyes is no bad thing. After all, Marty Mcfly is pretty metal. But what else have the metalheads of the present been reading on the Metal Hammer website? Take a look!

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Robb Flynn: Metallica used to make fun of Slayer!

An Illustrated History Of Eddie The Head

Suicidal Barker offered friends $1m to kill him

This 10 year old girl is better at guitar than you

"In The Future, I'd Love To Experience Virtual Sex!"

Blood On Our Hands: Backstage With Marilyn Manson, Public Enemy No.1

Back To The Future gets the metal treatment

From post-metal to old school hardcore in one nasty step

Why you should still care about Cradle Of Filth