Switzerland's black metal psychonauts ColdCell unveil a mesmerising new video

ColdCell promo pic 2017

Situated in the north west of Switzerland, and pressed right up on the borders of France and Germany, Basel’s position as a geographical crossroads might go some way to explaining why bands from the city have such an exploratory and inquisitive approach.

In parallel fashion to fellow Basel natives Schammasch, the five shadowy figures who make up ColdCell have their roots in black metal, but have since branched out into ritualistic realms beyond the gravitational pull of strict genre boundaries.

With last November’s Those album still reverberating into the craniums of all those who found themselves in its flight path, the band are revealing a new video for the track Entity I, and have graciously chosen us as worthy hosts.

Filmed, edited and shot by Milena Kancheva, in classy, monochrome tones, Entity I presents a cryptic rite, a host of allegorical images, a brief flash of what might be a man in a nappy and - within the space of a mere three minutes - an all-round sense that dogmas are being broken, transcendence is at hand, and that fevered grooves acting as a spiritual birth channel can be absolutely jaw-dropping experiences.

So without further ado, get into lotus position, prepare for enlightenment from the great, incandescent beyond and give yourself to Entity I below!

Those is out now via Czar Of Crickets Records

Buy the album here

And check out ColdCell’s Facebook page here!

Jonathan Selzer

Having freelanced regularly for the Melody Maker and Kerrang!, and edited the extreme metal monthly, Terrorizer, for seven years, Jonathan is now the overseer of all the album and live reviews in Metal Hammer. Bemoans his obsolete superpower of being invisible to Routemaster bus conductors, finds men without sideburns slightly circumspect, and thinks songs that aren’t about Satan, swords or witches are a bit silly.