Attention! The Louder pop-up t-shirt store is now online

Louder pop-up t-shirt store

Want to wear your favourite magazine? Then you've come to the right place. We've launched a Louder Pop-Up Online Shop, selling limited edition merchandise, and it's available only for a limited time period. 

The store features classic designs from the Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Prog archive (including bargain-priced bundles), and new lines will be added in the coming weeks. 

For Metal Hammer fans we've got a number of different shirts, including the Coat of Arms and Goat's Head designs below, both of which are available at just £9.99. That's cheaper than two pints at a London gig, they'll last a helluva lot longer, and there's no hangover.  

Metal Hammer t-shirts

We've got shirts for Classic Rock readers that pay tribute to some of rock's greatest lyrics. There's our Dazed And Confused shirt. There's a Born To Lose shirt (also discounted to just £9.99). And we've got shirts celebrating boozy nights out at some of rock's most infamous venues, including Dino's Bar & Grill and Charlotte's Bar (it's at 22 Acacia Avenue, geddit?). 

Classic Rock t-shirts

And finally, we've located a haul of some of our legendary Prog shirts, which haven't been available for years, including the wildly-popular Drink Tea And Listen To Prog and In Prog We Trust designs. These make ideal gifts for your favourite prog aficionado. Especially if they also drink tea.     

Prog t-shirts

All these designs, and many more, are on sale now. We accept both credit cards and Paypal, and use recorded delivery to ensure your order arrives safe and sound. 

Visit the Louder pop-up store now