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Old Man Gloom’s Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning: a towering tribute to a fallen comrade

Sludge metal supergroup Old Man Gloom return from the shadows

(Image: © Code 7/Profound Lore)

The current pandemic has taken many things from many people, including Old Man Gloom. The perpetual pranksters’ original plan was a surprise release of two separate albums, but the best they could do was drop companion piece Seminar IX: Darkness Of Being online before this main program. Stephen Brodsky has been drafted into late bassist Caleb Scofield’s position and when you’re not being trolled by simian digestive tract sounds and ambient/industrial noise, Seminar VIII serves as tribute via the man’s posthumous contributions. The sounds of classic Cave In are masterfully spun into towering sludge on Final Defeat, while the melodic flourishes on Wrath Of The Weary demonstrate sonic smarts emerging from the playful murk.

Old Man Gloom’s Seminar VIII: Light Of Meaning (opens in new tab) is out now